I’m Jaeyson Anthony Y. I live in Davao City, where I design the future.

I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember, and wrote my first line of code around 2012, back when NodeJS was hyped up and Elixir was born.

Currently I'm working on:

  • BoogieBrands: where we're building stock photo site with diversity in mind, automating the entire workflow and managing other products, improving developer experience.
  • Brewing up internal/public tools for Nappy.

Previously worked on:

  • City Government of Davao (City Information Technology Center): where I spearheaded and modernizing their current development workflow, onboarding teams and preparing them up for a cloud-ready infrastructure and at the same time working on new projects for them.
  • Recently worked as a Software Engineer in a Australian-based Startup Realtair, Inc. where we're building a platform for proptech, aiming to automate and streamline real estate process.

And when I have spare time:

  • Building web apps/services with PELT (Pheonix, Elixir, LiveView, Tailwind) stack
  • Re/learning Fundamentals: data structure & algo, networking, db design, some system design, db optimizations (i.e. query and indices), api (restful, grpc, graphql)
  • Shuffling deck of cards
  • Anki learning with containerization
  • Exercism